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How do I view the room?
Contact your CampusKey #ourteam by clicking on the ‘Contacts’ tab on to schedule a viewing.
Where is CampusKey located?
All our buildings are within walking distance of the campus. And we’re bicycle-friendly! CampusKey is located at the following areas: Bloemfontein, Universitas; Port Elizabeth, Summerstrand; Potchefstroom, Die Bult; Pretoria, Hatfield; Stellenbosch, Central; Cape Town, Observatory.
Can I choose a specific room?
No, but you can choose your room type.
When can I apply for my room?
Applications are always open.
How do you apply?
  1. Visit;
  2. Click on the red APPLY NOWbutton;
  3. Complete the online Application Form and submit.
Can I choose my roommate?
Yes. You may pick a buddy and enter your friend’s name on the online Application Form.
Is Wi-Fi available?
Yes! Each student receives 1 GB free WiFi per month. If your stay in a Platinum room you will receive uncapped WiFi.
What is the WiFi speed?
The WiFi speed is up to 8Mbps.
How do I buy additional WiFi vouchers?
Additional vouchers can be bought trough the WiFi portal at http://wish.hotspot or at your campus office reception.
How much does WiFi cost?
The WiFi Prices is available at under the Documents section.
When can I move in?
Your specific Moving In date will be stipulated on your Service and Residence Agreement. It is very important to book your move in date when requested to do so from 1 November annually.
When do I need to move out?
Your specific Moving Out date will be stipulated on your Service and Residence Agreement. All residents will be required to vacate their rooms before or on this date. Storing facilities will be available for returning students.
Are there cleaning services available?
CampusKey is responsible for the cleaning of all communal facilities and the students are responsible for cleaning of their individual rooms. Each campus has a list of pre-approved cleaning companies that are available for cleaning your room at your own cost.
What about laundry facilities?
We have central self-help laundry facilities on site operated with pre-paid washer and dryer tokens. Washing tokens are available for purchase at R20 per token allowing 7kg for one cycle. Drying tokens are available at R30 per 40 minute cycle. The tokens can be bought during office hours from 08:00 to 17:00 on weekdays at your campus office reception.
What about Water and Electricity?
Your water and electricity charge is included in your Service and Residence Fee.
Is there a Gymnasium?
Yes, all the CampusKey residents have access to a fully equipped gymnasium.
What DSTV channels are included in the Hotel Bouquet?
  • MNET Premier
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Action and Family
  • Supersport 1,2,3
  • SABC 1,2,3
  • e-TV
Is there Wi-Fi available?
Yes, Free Wi-Fi is capped at 1 GB per month per student. Additional vouchers can be purchased at your campus office reception. Platinum Rooms receive uncapped WiFi.
How do I report maintenance?
The maintenance in your room and any communal area must be reported to the campus manager as soon as possible. Stellenbosch at 2 Groeneweide Street, e-mail to or call 079 922 7197. Potchefstroom at 50 Steve Biko Street, e-mail to or call 082 533 9577. Bloemfontein at 238 Pres Paul Kruger street, e-mail to or call 079 410 5719. Pretoria at 497 Glynn Street, e-mail to or call 079 410 6093. Port Elizabeth at 9th Avenue, Summerstrand, e-mail to or call 079 407 3787.
How do I keep up to date on news and events?
Our Facebook page “CampusKey – Student Living” is our main communication channel to all residents so make sure you join today.
Do we have House Rules?
Yes, the House Rules are available here. Ensure all parents and students familiarise themselves with the house rules as they will be enforced by your campus’ team members.
Where do I store my bicycle?
Bicycles are not allowed in any building, communal areas or in your room. Bicycles must be stored in the allocated bicycle storage areas available on each campus.
What do I do in case of an emergency or security breach?
Call the 24-hour emergency contact number available to all students. A trained team member able to assist in any situation will answer this call. Stellenbosch, call 079 922 7197 Potchefstroom, call 082 533 9577 Bloemfontein, call 079 410 5719 Hatfield, call 079 410 6093 Port Elizabeth, call 079 407 3787