Q: What COVID-19 Measure are in place?

A: CampusKey has implemented strict hygiene measures during all phases of lockdown.
- Disinfection schedules have been implemented ensuring all social and shared spaces are disinfected three times per day, seven days a week.  
- Our cleaning company is a Hospitality Specialist company and also complies with WHO regulations.
- All students and team members are required to wear a face mask when moving around campus.
- Any person entering CampusKey on Check-in has to follow our disinfection protocol and will be scanned with our HikVision thermal cameras.
- You will find hand sanitizer dispensers all over campus.
- Our biometric stations are equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers.
- All students checking in are required to bring a reusable mask, hand sanitizer.
- CampusKey also have reusable masks, hand sanitizer and surface spray available for sale for your convenience.
- There is one designated entrance point to each building to make sure all our students and guests sanitize and are scanned with the thermal camera.


Q: How does COVID-19 affect my student life?

A: Community and connectivity are high on our agenda, so you feel supported every step of your stay. Our teams are available 24/7 on our CUA number.
- A distance of 1,5m must be kept between people at all times.
- All community events are virtual for the most part or in the case of face to face events, there are strict rules regarding the attendance numbers, sanitizing and social distancing.
- Try to minimize contact with the CampusKey team. If possible, use online methods like Facebook Group, WhatsApp, Instagram, Email, Calls.
- Groups of up to 10 students can gather in any social spaces if a distance of 1.5m between each other can be maintained.
- Our Community Manager  is always close-by, on hand to keep spirits high, and ensure the new safety and social distancing procedures are being followed.


Q: What should I do if I start showing symptoms?

A:​​ If you have a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or loss of taste and smell  or suspect that you have been in contact with a anyone who tested positive, you should immediately:
- Isolate yourself
- Notify your CampusKey team
- Get tested
- Notify the CampusKey team of your test results


Q: Can I self-isolate at CampusKey?

A: Should you test positive for COVID-19:
- You should immediately inform a CampusKey team member.
- The team will ask you to provide them with a positive test result and to indicate which social spaces you've used and which other students you’ve been in direct contact with.
- All communal areas and social spaces will be disinfected by the CK team.
- You will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.You will be able to self-isolate in your room should you not share a bathroom, kitchen or any other communal spaces. Otherwise self-isolation off campus would be recommended/required.
- While self-isolating, you will not be allowed to move around on or off campus, but not to worry, a CK team member will always be available to assist should they need any assistance.
- The CK team will assist with grocery deliveries throughout the self-isolation period should it be on campus.
- You will be responsible to inform everyone you’ve come into contact with.
- A team member will monitor your fever daily and you will be required to fill out the health questionnaire on a daily basis.
- The CK team will never disclose the identity of a student to anyone without their permission.

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