Remote Working At CampusKey

Remote working has become the new norm, and finding the perfect spot to stay productive and inspired is crucial. At CampusKey, we understand the importance of having a conducive environment for both work and study. That’s why we've introduced Meeting Pods and the CK CLUB across our locations, designed to make remote working and online studying an enjoyable and efficient experience.

Meeting Pods: Your Productivity Powerhouse

Our Meeting Pods in Stellenbosch and Cape Town offer a dedicated space to focus and collaborate. These pods are perfect for group projects, important work meetings, or simply getting in the zone and completing solo projects. Equipped with all the necessary amenities, including high-speed WiFi, comfortable seating, TV's and aesthetic decor to get your creativity buzzing and help you stay on top of your tasks.

CK CLUB: Your All-Access Pass

The CK CLUB takes remote working and studying to a whole new level. Available at all six CampusKey locations across South Africa—Pretoria, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Potchefstroom, Stellenbosch, and Cape Town—the CK CLUB gives members access to premium study spaces and fast, reliable internet. The flexibility to work from any of these locations means you can choose the environment that best suits your needs on any given day.

The Benefits of Remote Working Spaces at CampusKey

Flexibility and Convenience: Whether you need a quiet corner or a collaborative space, CampusKey offers a variety of options to suit different working styles. Book a Meeting Pod when you need it, or drop by any CK CLUB location on a whim.

Inspiring Environments: Our spaces are designed with aesthetics in mind, providing a visually pleasing and stimulating environment. From modern decor to comfortable furniture, every detail is crafted to enhance your productivity and creativity.

CK Mini: Grab a coffee or a quick bite without having to leave your work zone. Our onsite cafes offer a range of refreshments to keep you fueled throughout the day.

Community and Networking: Working at CampusKey means being part of a vibrant community. Meet fellow students and remote workers, share ideas, and collaborate on projects. The social aspect of our spaces can turn a regular workday into a fun and engaging experience.

High-Speed WiFi: Stay connected with our fast and reliable internet, ensuring smooth virtual meetings and uninterrupted workflow.

CampusKey’s remote working spaces are more than just functional—they’re designed to make work and studying enjoyable. With a blend of comfort, convenience, and community, you’ll find that getting things done has never been more fun.

For more information, visit CampusKey website and discover how our Meeting Pods and CK CLUB can transform your remote working experience.