Q: How do I view a room or book a viewing?

A: We are happy to show you around!! Click on the link to book and one of our friendly team members will be in touch! Also check out your location page for a detailed description on our campuses, rooms, facilities and our vibrant student community.

Q: What is included in the room price?

A: CampusKey provides an all-inclusive service.

The following are all included in the room price:
WiFi (Excl PUK);
Fully furnished single occupancy bedroom (with storage above cupboard and below bed);
cleaning of your room;
high-tech security;
water + electricity included;
on-site laundry facilities;
secure bicycle storage;
on-site team + 24/7 CUA nr;
weekly events;
cool lounges;
group study areas;
communal kitchens;
great location;
courier and deliveries;
Garden + green areas;
Braai areas;
awesome community;
on-site parking facilities as an add-on;

Q: What is a Platinum room?

A: We have designed our Platinum rooms to be the most spacious and luxurious rooms with the best views.

The Platinum room price includes, in addition to everything that our standard room prices includes, the following extras:
• Uncapped Wi-Fi;
• Secure parking;
• Free washing and drying tokens;
• Weekly cleaning of your room;

Look out for these rooms when applying as they go fast!

Q: Can I choose a specific room and what room types are available?

A: You can choose a room type however, you cannot choose your specific room number. We have various room types to suit your need. All our rooms are private and non-sharing; however, you can choose to share nothing or share a kitchen, and/or a bathroom between 2 to 10 students.

We offer the following room types:
• The Independent – shares nothing. You have an en-suite bathroom and own private kitchen.
• The Explorer – shares a kitchen. You have an en-suite bathroom, but share a kitchen between 2 or 4 people.
• The Socializer – shares a kitchen and bathroom. You have a private room, but share a kitchen and a bathroom between 2 to 10 people.

Q: Can I choose a specific building?

A: Yes, however we cannot assure you your chosen building, it is dependent on the availability of the room type you have selected.

Q: Can I choose my friend as my neighbour in The Explorer or The Socializer room types?

A: Yes. You may pick a buddy. All bedrooms are non-sharing, however there are rooms that share a kitchen and/or bathroom and for those rooms you can choose your neighbour.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Here is a step-by-step guide. Apply online through our website. Follow the online prompts. If you have any difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0861-STUDENT. Once you have received your room number, signed the Service and Residence Agreement and paid your SRA Fee, your room will be secured for you. You can view our Service and Residence Agreement and Terms and Conditions on our website.

Q: How do I know my application has been received?

A: You will receive an instant e-mail notification that will confirm your application.

Q: How do I know a room has been allocated to me?

A: Your friendly CampusKey team will inform you via e-mail of your room number, together with the Service and Residence Agreement which you will need to sign. Once you have signed and paid your SRA Fees, your room will be secured for you.

Q: Is there parking available?

A: Yes, we have basement parking bays available at some of our buildings and undercover and open parking bays available at all our buildings. We allocate our parkings on a first come first serve basis therefore book early to secure your parking. Our Platinum rooms already have a parking bay allocated to it.

Q: What happens when I decide to cancel my application?

A: You may cancel your application at any time. Please view our Cancellation Policy on our website for further detail.


Q: What fees are payable with my application?

A: The following fees are payable upon submitting your online application:

Administration fee (non-refundable) and

To view your campus specific Administration Fee, visit our website and select your Campus.

Q: What fees are payable before I occupy my room?

A: Your 1st Payment of your Service and Residency Fee (SRA Fee) and Deposit is payable before you occupy your room.

Q: What other services can I apply for together with applying for my room?

A: CampusKey offers various extras to book together with your room when applying online.

Our extras include:
• Secure parking
• Uncapped Wi-Fi


Q: When can I Check-in?

A: Your specific Check-in date will be shown on the website and on your Student Portal however, it will be sometime during January.

Q: How do I book my Check-in appointment and why is it important?

A: You will be reminded by email to book your Check-in date on your Student Portal before arrival. You can access your Student Portal through our website. It is very important to book your Check-in appointment so that we can assist you on the day of your arrival and ensure you have a welcoming experience.

Q: How do I access the building?

A: During Check-in your finger will be scanned to allow you biometric access to your campus buildings and pedestrian gates.

Q: How do I access my room?

A: Your finger will be scanned at the beginning of Your Stay to allow you biometric access to your campus building, pedestrian gates and your room.

Q: What is included in my room?

A: We offer fully-furnished rooms so that you can just move in. Our rooms differ slightly with what is included, however all rooms include: To see a detailed description of what is included in your specific room, please visit our website, select your Campus and scroll to the Rooms and Prices section.


Q: Is Wi-Fi available?

A: Yes! Each student receives free Wi-Fi per month, depending on their room type, because we know how important being connected and submitting those online tests are. We provide internet throughout the whole building, the rooms and the communal areas.

Q: How do I buy additional Wi-Fi vouchers?

A: Additional vouchers can be bought through the CampusKey Wi-Fi portal 24/7 or at your CampusKey Reception during office hours.

Q: What about my courier deliveries?

A: We love receiving and keeping your packages safe for you. You may have your packages delivered to the CampusKey office. Your friendly Front of House will notify you when your package has arrived.

Q: Will I have a TV in my room?

A: All Independent One Bed and Explorer room types have a LED TV in their room. To see a detailed description of what is included in your specific room, please visit our website.

Q: Is there a gym?

A: Yes, all CampusKey students have access to a private, fully equipped, on-site gym which is open 24/7 so that they can keep their body healthy and happy. Healthy body, healthy mind!

Q: Where do I store my bicycle?

A: We are bicycle friendly! Bicycles can be stored in the secure biometric access bicycle shed provided at each campus.

Q: Does CampusKey offer on-site laundry facilities?

A: CampusKey has on-site self-help laundry facilities on each campus, operated by pre-paid washer and dryer tokens.

Q: Are there storage space for my bags or suitcases in my room?

A: Yes. There is storage space in your room, under your bed and on top of your wardrobe.

Q: Will my room be cleaned?

A: Only our Platinum Room Types include weekly cleaning of their rooms. For the other rooms, the students are responsible for cleaning their individual rooms.

Q: Does CampusKey provide me with meals?

A: No, CampusKey does not provide meals to students. However, our students have the facilities and choice to cook either in their own room, or together with friends and fellow students in the shared kitchens.


Q: What does it mean to be part of CampusKey?

A: By staying at CampusKey you become part of a vibrant and collaborative student community! Make friends easily, join a study group, or quickly organize a touchies game! It also means that you have access to all the facilities at all our CampusKey buildings, countrywide! That’s right, you may gym at any of our buildings, or attend any campuses events, countrywide. Connect with more than 3,700 students countrywide, and join our growing student community!

Q: Does CampusKey have events?

A: Yes. CampusKey has weekly events so that our students can get to know and connect with the awesome students they live with. That’s what being part of a collaborative and vibrant student community is all about! Every now and then we go all out, look out for those earth-shaking events!

Q: How do I keep up to date with news and events?

A: By staying at CampusKey you become part of a vibrant student community. Each CampusKey campus has it own private WhatsApp Group and Instagram page which is exclusively for CampusKey students. Everything is communicated here, from the weekly events to important notices. The students can communicate with each other in the group, and with the friendly CampusKey Team. The student will be invited to join the WhatsApp Group once the Service and Residence Agreement has been signed and paid. Parents and prospective students can visit our website for the latest news and what is trending at CampusKey.

Q: How do I report maintenance issues?

A: We don’t want anything to make your stay less than amazing. Therefore, please report any maintenance issue in your room or in any communal area to the CampusKey team as soon as possible. We have an on-site maintenance team ready to fix any problem you have. You may report maintenance using the following channels: ·Log your request through our QR code scan your QR code or use the maintenance link provided on campus.

Q: What is the Call-us-anytime number for?

A: CampusKey offers 24/7 hands on personalized management so that our students are always safe, happy and well taken care of. The Call-us-anytime number is a number that our students can dial 24/7.

They can call us for anything, anytime, for example (but not limited to):

Reporting urgent maintenance issues;
Letting us know when any other students are not adhering to the No-Noise policy after 22:00;
Reporting that another student has parked on their parking bay;
Reporting any security breaches;
Reporting a crime or any other emergency.
Bloemfontein - 079 410 5719
Cape Town - 081 820 2287
Port Elizabeth - 079 407 3787
Potchefstroom - 082 533 9577
Pretoria - 079 410 6093
Stellenbosch - 079 922 7197
Emergency SOS - 0861 911 912

Q: Are there house rules?

A: Yes, we call it the CampusKey Student Community Guidelines. We care about the harmony of our student community, and we are serious about creating a vibrant, supportive and collaborative student environment. You may download the CampusKey Student Community Guidelines here.

Q: Are there rules regarding noise?

A: Yes, CampusKey has a no noise policy between 22:00 and 08:00 to ensure our students are well rested and have sufficient time to study peacefully. The rule is stipulated in our CampusKey Community Guidelines which can be downloaded from our website. Our no noise policy gets adapted during exam times.

Q: May I invite friends over?

A: Yes, you are most welcome to invite your friends over, but remember that you are responsible for them and they must adhere to the CampusKey Student Community Guidelines. Your friends or family may not sleep over and no one can stay or sleep over in your room when you are not there.

Q: Why are there half-year room inspections and is it compulsory?

A: We care about the conditions you live in and want to provide you with the best service possible. Therefore, CampusKey has identified the June/July break as a good time to go through all the rooms to make sure that the rooms are in mint condition. We fix what needs to be fixed so that our students can return to a good as new room after their well-deserved break. The inspections are compulsory and is included in our Terms and Conditions which can be viewed on our website.

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