CampusKey 2024 Check-In: The First Impression

It's true what they say: first impressions do last, and you never get a second chance to make a great one. So, we thought, why not start making the CampusKey experience a memorable one from the moment a new CK student steps foot in their new home away from home? Our goal is to create a space that feels like a breath of fresh air to our students, where they feel comfortable to engage, develop and grow from the first "Hello".

So step behind the scenes with us, and let's dive into everything that goes into curating the perfect student check-in experience:

Ding-Ding! I'm Ready to check in!

For the first order of business, stop by the check-in booths. The check-in booths are designed to set the tone for an exciting journey ahead. Our friendly staff, dressed with welcoming smiles, are ready to guide CK students through the initial steps of their CampusKey adventure. You will hop from 1 booth to the other, where we breeze through all the admin and introduce you to everything that CampusKey offers, like our exclusive iStore Apple Deals—got questions? You will find all your answers while moving through the different check-in booths. Quick, simple and easy!

At CK, It's a vibe!

Now for the fun stuff: it's time to transition from check-in to community engagement. Our check-in community stations, or as we call them, "vibe" stations, are always buzzing with activity, showcasing the diverse range of events and opportunities awaiting CK students. New students can meet CK mentors who help them adjust to student life or offer a shoulder when they need one. At CK, we always need to add fun to the process; this year, it's a CK Photo Booth! The perfect spot to capture the beginning of a new adventure!

Something From Us to You

Every CK student is greeted with a specially curated welcome gift, embodying the essence of CampusKey. This year's gift is a canvas CK tote bag. Paired with a campus map, it's not just about finding your way around physically but also navigating the vibrant landscape of student life at CampusKey.

This is, however, a gift with a plan! It forms part of kickstart events where all the students come together and decorate their CK tote bags with unique styles—creating the perfect space for new students to connect.

So, for all the new CK students, get ready to embark on a journey where every detail, from the check-in stations to the welcome gift, is created & curated to make your CampusKey experience truly unforgettable. Welcome home!