COVID-19: CampusKey doing their part

CampusKey gets vaccinated

CampusKey has made it their mission over the past year to ensure everybody can be confident we've got all the proper procedures in place to feel secure during Covid-19. Throughout this pandemic, our excellent on-site teams worked hard to make sure that we adapted to every challenge thrown at us.
As a result, only 3% of our students across South Africa tested positive for COVID-19, and we have had zero outbreaks in our buildings.

According to Lize Burns, our Community Manager, "We know that now, more than ever, students are looking for a safe, secure and authentic university experience, and we can provide it."
We are happy to report that more than 60% of our students and team is vaccinated. In our mission to reach a 100% vaccination rate, we will have on-site vaccination stations for the remainder of the year, and we will continue to encourage students and team members to be responsible and get their jab!

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