Dynamic Hosting: Elevating the CampusKey Experience

At CampusKey,  luxury student accommodation goes beyond comfortable living spaces; it is about creating a vibrant and unique experience for our students. At the core of our offering is hospitality, and our commitment to providing an exceptional living experience is evident in the annual Dynamic Hosting training our CK Team undergoes hosted by The Touch Company.

Understanding the Essence of Hosting:

The principles of hosting remain universal, transcending cultural differences. It is about one person taking responsibility for another and striving to do their best. It involves caring enough to utilize one's competence for the benefit of the guest, oneself, and others, while maintaining a delicate balance of these needs.

In our dynamic hosting training, we guide our team through a step-by-step process, emphasizing the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of our residents effectively.

Step 1: Identifying Needs

When hosting someone, the first step is to keenly observe and listen to the guest. What are they saying, and how are they behaving? By interpreting this information, our team can discern the needs of our residents. It is about thinking ahead: What resources are available, what is possible, and who else can assist? This sets the stage for moving to the next step.

Step 2: Effective Communication

Having identified the needs, the next step is to communicate effectively. What does the resident need to know now? It's about finding the right balance, avoiding information overload or providing too little. Clear, concise communication ensures that residents have a clear picture of what is possible and available to them.

Step 3: Empowering with Choices

Everyone appreciates having choices and being in control of their decisions. As hosts, our responsibility is to present residents with real, meaningful choices. Avoiding an overwhelming number of options, we focus on doing the work and selecting the best choices tailored to our residents' needs.

Seek to Understand and Be Understood:

Our guiding principle is to seek to understand and then seek to be understood. This involves saying what we mean and meaning what we say. The process of hosting is a thoughtful one, requiring hosts to assess the situation, provide clear information, and offer meaningful choices.

The Power of Words in Effective Communication:

Understanding that only 7% of communication is conveyed through words, our training also emphasizes the importance of using emotive and descriptive language. People talk in words but think in pictures, and the accuracy of communication depends on creating vivid mental images.

In the words of Theodore Roosevelt, "People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care." Our commitment to dynamic hosting is a testament to our genuine care for our residents, ensuring that their time at CampusKey is not just comfortable but also enriched with a unique and vibrant experience.