Hello There, We are CampusKey!

Hello There, If you have not met us yet welcome to CampusKey, where purpose-built design meets vibrant community living. Beyond traditional student accommodation, CampusKey is a dynamic, purpose-driven experience curated for success.

We Are...

Purpose-built, purpose-designed student accommodations with a premium hospitality twist, transforming spaces into hubs of growth and connection. Our approach challenges convention, pushing the boundaries of hospitality with innovation, dedication, and a hyper-intentional human touch.

Our Members...

Experience trendy luxe living, engaging events, inspiring study spaces, and all-inclusive offerings. Conveniently located close to a University campus with a 24/7 safety system, CampusKey ensures members live their best life with peace of mind.

The CK Purpose:

We exist to create a fun, inspiring space where students connect, live, work, play, and grow. CampusKey cheers members on every step, embracing the uniqueness of their journey as they prepare to #gochangetheworld.

The CK Vision:

Our vision is to curate a better, more connected, and fulfilled future. Through kindness projects, support for entrepreneurs, and serving as a launchpad to the dreams of our students. CampusKey aims to make an impact. We want you to live your best life.

The CK Mission:

Creating opportunities for connection, CampusKey focuses on excellent service, great design, well-being support, and a vibrant community, curating every aspect of the student experience.

CK Values:

Our purpose-driven teams embody values of Dynamic Hosting, inspired effort, innovation, genuineness, determination, and unity, ensuring a consistent and exceptional experience.

The CK Concept and Brand Positioning:

CampusKey goes beyond accommodation, continuously driving excellence higher. Purpose-built design transforms spaces into vibrant communities, offering thoughtfully designed spaces, prime locations, and world-class hospitality.

Purpose-Driven CK Teams:

Our teams, selected and managed with precision, operate within strengths, contributing to an environment where excellence is achieved together. With a hyper-intentional human touch, they focus on well-being, safety, and student integration.

The CK Community and All-Inclusive Offering:

CampusKey creates connections and unforgettable experiences, building a connected future. From weekly events to a supportive culture, Student Connectors, and workshops, we prepare students not just for academic success but for life beyond university.

CampusKey is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle, a celebration of success, and an invitation to discover what you're made of. #bettertogether.