Introducing CK Club: Your Passport to CampusKey Convenience

Welcome to CK Club, where CampusKey meets convenience! We're thrilled to unveil our latest offering, the CK Club – an exclusive offering curated just for you, even if you're not a CampusKey resident. The CK Club isn't just about selling convenience, practicality, and experience; it's about crafting a vibe tailored to enhance your lifestyle, whether a student or a young professional.

The Perks of CK Club Membership:

Work and Study Spaces

Discover dedicated spaces where you can dive into your work or studies in a vibrant and productive environment.

CK Mini

Savor the flavors of convenience with our on-site café, offering a unique twist at two of our six nationwide locations.

Uncapped WiFi

Stay connected seamlessly with lightning-fast Wi-Fi, ensuring you're always in touch with what matters.

Safe Parking

Enjoy the added convenience of a parking bay, making your visits to CK Club hassle-free and secure.

Laundry Spaces

We've got your laundry needs covered with fully equipped laundry facilities open to you 24hours a day.

24hr Hiit Gym

Take your fitness routine to the next level with access to our 24/7 Hiit Gym at any CK Club location.

Short Stay & iStore Deals

Unlock exclusive deals with the CK CLUB, offering special perks on Short Stays and exciting discounts at iStore.

CK Club - Where Convenience Meets Community

At CK Club, we've created an environment where you can seamlessly blend work, relaxation, and community connection. Our tagline says it all – CK Club, where convenience meets community.

Packages Tailored for You:

1. Standard Package - "The Essentials"

  1. Your all-access pass to the CK Club hub.
  2. Access to CK Spaces, Gyms, and Wi-Fi at one location.
  3. Perfect mix at the perfect price.
  4. Price Range: R150 - R250

2. Premium Package - "The Premium Pass"

  1. Elevate your CampusKey experience.
  2. Enjoy CK Spaces, Gyms, and Uncapped Wi-Fi at any location.
  3. Laundry services to keep your threads fresh.
  4. Ultimate combo for enhanced convenience.
  5. Price Range: R350 - R400.

3. Deluxe Package - "The VIP"

  1. VIP CK Club access with exclusive perks.
  2. Access to CK spaces, Gym, Uncapped Wi-Fi, and Laundry at any location.
  3. Additional perks: Parking, Short Stay Deals, iStore Deals, and two free cups of coffee monthly at CK Mini.
  4. VIP access to apply for a space before the public.
  5. Price Range: R400 - R500

Whether you're seeking a cozy spot to work, a stress relieving gym session, or a vibrant community hub, CK Club has something for everyone. Join us in celebrating a new era of convenience and connection at CK Club – where CampusKey brings you the best in work, play, and community. Click HERE to sign up!