CampusKey's Approach to Combatting Student Loneliness

Starting university is an exciting new chapter in one's life, but it can also be overwhelming. First-year students' mental health challenges have become a major concern for institutions worldwide. Recently, a study was conducted covering two universities in North West England, which highlighted three crucial themes: firstly, the transitional nature of student life; secondly, the pivotal role of student accommodation in fostering friendships and communities; and thirdly, the significance of accommodation-based staff (Worsley, Harrison, and Corcoran, 2021).

These findings emphasize the importance of addressing student loneliness, a challenge that CampusKey aims to tackle head-on.

Creating Spaces as Segways to Community

As a transitional period in life, CampusKey understands the importance of creating spaces that ease students into university life. Our buildings and spaces are designed to serve as sanctuaries, balancing independence with a sense of community.

Managing Director Leon Howell said, "When CampusKey develops a new building or reimagines an old one, we look at creative ways to mix communities and uses. Our diversity and energy make our locations more attractive, resilient, and sustainable. This understanding is at the heart of what we do; it is our mission."

The architecture is deliberately crafted to encourage spontaneous interactions, turning every corner into an opportunity to make new friends.

Accommodations as Vessels for Friendships and Communities

CampusKey understands that a student's living space is more than a room. It's a gateway to friendships and a sense of belonging. With our vibrant social spaces and clubhouses, we aim to facilitate organic connections between students. Our weekly events fill our spaces with laughter, learning, and shared experiences, which help to transform strangers into friends and acquaintances into companions.

The Importance of Accommodation-based Teams

CampusKey prioritizes the well-being and safety of its students. As part of CampusKey's offering, students have access to 24/7 on-site teams should they need assistance, as well as a Call-us-anytime number for any emergency. Monthly mentorship sessions, community outreach projects, and sustainability drives are part of CampusKey's philosophy of creating an environment where students can thrive, stay informed, and participate in their community by fostering strong connections.

Howell added, "CampusKey is the most innovative and exciting experience students can imagine. In addition to the energetic and inspiring vibe, which encourages connectivity among students, guests, and locals. Our team is focused on service excellence and understanding the needs of all our guests."By designing our spaces to foster connections, using accommodations as vessels for friendships, and nurturing the importance of supportive teams, we create environments where loneliness struggles to find a foothold. CampusKey is not just about rooms; it's about cultivating connections, supporting dreams, and ensuring every student lives their best life.

Loneliness fades away in the heart of CampusKey, and vibrant communities thrive. Together, we embark on a shared journey, making university life not just a phase but a cherished memory of belonging, connection, and growth.

Sources: Worsley, J.D., Harrison, P. and Corcoran, R. (2021). The role of accommodation environments in student mental health and wellbeing. BMC Public Health, [online] 21(1). doi: