Redefining Spaces: The CampusKey Bordeaux Building Journey

Redefining Spaces: The CampusKey Bordeaux Building Journey

At CampusKey, we believe that a space is more than just walls; it's an experience, a community, and a source of inspiration. Our Bordeaux building stands as a testament to this belief, redefining the very essence of what a student living space can be. We caught up with our brilliant Architectural and Experience Designer, Celesté, to dive into the creative process that brought this vibrant space to life.

The Art of Play:

When asked about the initial inspiration behind the design, Celesté passionately shared her vision: "The art of play! Whenever I think about student life, I think about how students have honed the art of play and how fun life is, especially during this time." The interiors of Bordeaux reflect this ethos, with every element encouraging natural playfulness and curiosity. Curved lines and soft shapes blur boundaries, creating a flow that resonates with the lively spirit of student life.

Curated Elements:

Celesté's eyes light up when she talks about the roly-poly chair, which embodies curiosity and individuality. Drawing inspiration from the Memphis Design Group, she infused the space with vibrant colours and patterns, creating a harmonious blend of chaos and order. The social spaces boast lively palettes, invoking energy and playfulness. At the same time, bedrooms embrace serene hues, invoking a sense of sanctuary and calm.

Inspiration and Relaxation:

The ultimate goal was to create an environment where people feel inspired and at ease. "I want people to feel so at home that they feel free to fully be themselves in the space," she says. From quick meetings in cosy pods to leisurely meals at CKmini, every corner invites a sense of belonging and relaxation. However, she emphasizes that the space's true magic comes to life through the people who inhabit it, creating a sense of community and togetherness.

Sustainability at Heart:

Beyond aesthetics, CampusKey is committed to sustainability. Celesté explains, "We always endeavour to partner with local designers and manufacturers who implement sustainable practices throughout their process." The furniture and materials used in Bordeaux echo this commitment, designed for longevity and recyclability. CampusKey's dedication to a circular economy ensures that nothing goes to waste, aligning our spaces with eco-conscious values.

Seeing Differently:

When asked to describe her job, Celesté simply states, "Making people see things differently!" Her innovative approach drives CampusKey's commitment to creating beautiful, practical, and sustainable spaces. 

In Bordeaux's vibrant hues and playful curves, we find not just a building but a living, breathing embodiment of CampusKey's ethos: Live your best life. 

Cheers to spaces that inspire, connect, and transform!